Food Retail - Channel Intelligence Report - 15 June 2021

The latest insights, observations, and opinions on the global food retail sector based on crowdsourced insights with industry experts.

Average Ticket Grows As Consumers Adhere To COVID Lifestyle While Prices Edge Higher; Most Stores Meeting QTD Targets; Retailers More Optimistic Despite Restrictions Easing


Research Highlights

  • Footfall Improves YOY As Stores Extend Opening Hours; Customers Feel Safer To Visit Stores Once They Receive COVID Jabs; Restaurant Reopening’s Boosting Impulse Traffic To Stores

  • Average Customer Spend Rises As Customers Fulfil Pent-Up Demand; Customers Need More Outfits To Visit Bars And Restaurants; Consumer Confidence Improves While Customers Buy Greater Variety Of Items

  • Inventory Levels Remain Flat Despite Longer Lead Times; Online Sales Helping Clear Excess Inventory At Stores; Major Improvement In Logistical Efficiency

  • Prices Remain Flat Across The Sector As Demand Remains At Satisfactory Levels; More Pricing Competition In Sector; Customers Joining Membership Schemes For Preferential Prices

  • In-Store Promotions Unchanged As Retailers Focus On Online Platforms To Capture Market Share; Promotions Being Directed Towards Members

  • Revenues Trend Upwards YOY And Meet Targets As Consumer Confidence Improves And Online Sales Flourish; Membership Schemes Enticing Customers To Spend More; Pent-Up Demand Across Both Younger And Older Customers

  • Store Costs And Margin Contributions Rise As Stores Extend Opening Hours And Higher More Staff; COVID Safety Costs Increase YOY As Managers Consult Specialists To Implement Safety Measures Specific To Their Store

  • E-Commerce Revenue Growth Decelerates But Continues To Thrive And Beat Targets As Store Closures Force Customers Online; Store Managers Praise Online Integration Within Stores; Click & Collect Sales Surging Since Store Reopening’s

  • Huge Improvement In 6 Month Trading Outlook As Vaccinations Expected To Make Customers Feel Safer In Stores; No More Store Closures Expected; Managers Expecting Sales Transference From The Closure Of Bankrupt Retailers




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