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Join the thousands of professionals who earn regular income by taking part in 15-min calls with our research team. With 100's of projects across dozens of topics there's always an opportunity to share your opinion.


Get Exclusive Access to What Peers are Seeing & Saying

Contributors get free access to our award-winning intelligence reports based on collaborating with industry professionals to get their anonymous insights, opinions, and general observations on industry trends. 


Leverage your Career with Crowdsourced Insights


Peer Benchmarking

Compare notes with peers in your industry, sector, and region. Learn best practices, performance metrics, and business process from professionals in your field.

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Market Intel

Be the first to know about market opportunities and developments with first-hand insights on market trends, competitors, customers, suppliers, and more.


Deeper Knowledge

Gain a deeper understanding of industry trends and market dynamics to help you solve problems and generate ideas in your field.


Broader Perspective

Think differently and innovate faster by leveraging the insights and experience of hundreds of professionals in your field.

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Career Growth

Our sector-focused analysts are truly experts in their field and are always happy to share their insights on market trends & opportunities to help you succeed.


Fast & Simple from Start to Finish

Find a Project

Choose from 100's of projects updated weekly.

We complete more than 2,000 interviews every month across more than 250 different categories, sectors, industries globally so there are always opportunities to take part! Haven't found a match for your experience? Join our mailing list and be the first to know about new projects that best suit your knowledge and experience. 



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Instantly Schedule a Call at your Convenience.

Book a 15-min Zoom call with one of our sector-focused research analysts at your convenience directly on our project pages. We are flexible so whatever time or date works best for you - we will accommodate!  It takes less than a minute to book a time and you can book for any time providing we have at least 2 hours notice! 



Earn & Learn

Get Paid by Email As Soon as You Finish your Call.

As soon as the call is finished, our team will send you Amazon gift vouchers as a thank you for your time. We'll also give you free access to our research and we'll notify you as soon as our latest reports are published. 


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Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend and get Paid when they Finish their Call.

Know someone that might be a good fit for a live project? Receive additional vouchers for every person you successfully refer to us providing we haven't already spoken to them. All they need to do is leave your name when they book a time and you'll get paid as soon as they finish their call with us.


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Helping Professionals Earn, Learn, and Succeed


Extra Income

Earn incremental income by sharing your professional opinion on the latest trends shaping your industry. With more than 250 projects on-going projects there's always an opportunity to get paid.

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Market Colour

Get the inside scoop on what your peers are seeing and hearing in their respective markets. Get ahead of the market with crowdsourced intel from experts that work in your industry.



Our sector-focused analysts are experts in their field with deep industry relationships and are happy to make referrals, introductions, or discuss market & career opportunities.

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Career Growth

Be the first to know about new job opportunities, hiring trends, team expansions before it's advertised or leverage our crowd-sourced expertise to help you develop and grow in your career


Short Interactions

We value our time and we appreciate that short meetings are more productive & Enjoyable. That's why most of our interactions last no more than 15-mins in total & we always focus on only a few topics.


Fully Confidential

We never disclose the identities of our experts nor the companies they work for. There is no pressure for you to reveal sensitive information or to answer questions that you are not comfortable with.

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Fast Payment

You'll receve your payment, voucher, or charitable donation as soon as your call is finished. You'll always receive it the same day and the average source gets paid in less than 60-mins after their call.


Referal Bonuses

Sharing is caring! Get a 50% finders free for every relevant person you refer for a project. Just share the live projects page with them and ask them to leave your name when they book a call.


Fully Compliant

We will never ask you to disclose any confidential or sensitive information and we never want you to answer a question you are not comfortable with. We are only looking for your high-level opinions and observations on industry trends.


Peer Recognition

We are truly interested in the topics we cover and we recognize the value of getting grass-roots insights from industry professionals. We take a lot of time and effort to seek out experts who really understand the topics we write about.


Exclusive Intel

Gain access to information that can be impossible to obtain elsewhere. Get a current read on the opportunities and challenges that others in your industry are facing by leveraging the crowd-sourced insights of hundreds of our peers


Strict Anonymity

Your identify is always kept strictly confidential. We never disclose who we speak to or the companies they work for. We aggregate all the information we collect to write high-level reports on industry trends. We never directly attribute any source.


Conversational Format

We keep our interactions short, direct, and conversational to make them more engaging and value-added for both parties. We love sharing what we know and hearing what sources have to say about the topics of the day in their fields.


Stimulating Discussions

We pride ourselves on having stimulating and value-added conversations with our sources. We're always interested in hearing the opinions, observations, and predictions of the professional sources we speak to as well as their reasoning.


Convenient Scheduling

Book a call directly in our team calendar at a time that works best for you. We are flexible so whatever time or date suits you best - we will accomodate. It takes less than 1 min to book a call and the average call takes only 15-mins to complete.


Your Opinions Shape the News

Our award-winning crowdsourced research are frequently cited in top media outlets around the world.



What our (Anonymous) Sources Say

Hear what our community of anonymous professional sources say about their experience working with Woozle.


“I have 15-min chats every 6 weeks to discuss industry trends... I always appreciate the market colour & voucher incentive - it's a nice touch.”

“The whole process from booking a call to getting paid was so enjoyable and effortless. So much faster than traditional expert networks.”

“I love hearing what categories, products, and brands are selling best. It helps to know what peers are seeing and saying.”


Need clarification?

Who are we?

Woozle Research is Europe's most trusted provider of marketplace and industry channel intelligence. We write thoughtful and timely research reports for industry professionals and economists on sectors and topics that are shaping the future of business and commerce.

What makes us different is our unique approach of writing reports supported by the anonymous insights, opinions, and observations of professionals who are experts in their field. 

What do we do?

Every quarter, we write thoughtful and relevant reports on interesting industries or sectors that are shaping the future of business - today and tomorrow. 

We write reports on vastly different topics, from Food Delivery Apps to Professional Road Bikes, Intro Vitro Diagnostics Machines to Ski Resorts!

For every report we write, we aim to source the grass-root expertise and opinions of people working in those sectors to supplement our own analysis.

This makes for much more interesting, relevant, and thought-provoking reports that make us the best at what we do!

What will you ask me?

The call itself will only take around 15 minutes to complete and you'll be asked your opinion and observations around some general high level trends you are seeing in your sector. 

We will never ask you to disclose any confidential or sensitive information. If you're ever uncomfortable or don't know the answer to a specific question you don't need to answer. We are only looking for your opinions and observations on high level trends and your anonymity will always be kept in strictest confidence. 

How do we make money?

Woozle Research is a market research firm and we sell our reports to industry professionals and economists who are interested in learning more about fast moving sectors and industries that are shaping the future of business and commerce.

We are able to offer between 20 and 30 contributors amazon vouchers as a thank you for their time on the phone because their opinions help make our research reports the best in the industry!

When will I get paid?

As soon as you've finished your 15 min call with us, a member of our team will send a Amazon Gift Voucher to the email address you've provided. Most respondents receive their payment in less than 1 hour although sometimes it can take up to 4 hours because of payment providers can sometimes take that long to process orders. 

Will I remain anonymous?

Yes, we promise! Woozle is fanatical about protecting the confidentiality and anonymity of our contributors. We won't divulge your identity to anyone.

All our reports are high level and anonymous and we only ever talk broadly about the answers and insights we get from people we speak to.

We never share the identity of any source we speak to, their background, or the company they work for. 

Project Notifications

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